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Welcome to our next installment of our phases of organization, our phases of life. So here we are, in our 30’s. We’re going to assume from this point forward that you are living independently and separate from your family home. I coined my own phase of life years ago (thanks Rhonda for the reminder!) for adulthood - accumulation. When you leave your childhood bedroom and you are living on your own, you realize you don’t own anything. Every time you decide you want to do something in your 20’s and 30’s, you end up going to a hardware store. 

As you progress through your 30’s, the amount of discretionary income you have goes to negative. You usually don’t have any discretionary income by the time you are at the end of your 30’s. Same thing with your time - it goes to negative. How do we go from having some discretionary income and time to lacking both by the time you turn 40? In addition to accumulating supplies like a ladder, hammer, nails, etc., you accumulate other things. Also during your 30’s, you accumulate other people;a significant other, children, or pets. But this is why it’s hard having developmental stages for adults - because not everyone ends up with a significant other, kids or pets. There are so many different variables, different possibilities. You get to choose. You get to decide what your life is going to be like. 

What is our purpose or job in our 30’s? Our purpose is to fully embrace independence from our family of origin. You are going to firmly establish your household and take on the responsibilities of that fully. What is our capacity? In the beginning you’ve got some time and money, but by the end it’s very constrained and maxed out. You’re trying to find a release valve, so to speak. How do we use the physical space in our home in our 30’s? This is when your home will do the most constant reordering. Your kitchen, kid’s rooms (if you have kids), and living spaces will constantly be updated to fit how you’re living life in your 30’s. What scaffolding or support do we need to make this phase of life easier and more productive? Number one you know will be the Sunday Basket®. You need household administration support - this will be your time to have a CEO meeting with yourself. The Productive Home Solution® is perfectly designed for people in their 30’s. The 2 binders from The Paper Solution® that are the most important in your 30’s are the Household Operations and Household Reference. 


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