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In this episode, Lisa invites Monique Horb back onto the podcast. Monique is a Sunday Basket Certified Workshop Organizer and runs her own professional organizing business, Organizing Your Chaos.

In today’s episode, Lisa and Monique tackle the nuanced and difficult conversations surrounding parenting children with special needs. Speaking from experience, both moms discuss the challenges and joys of parenting their unique kids and the documentation needed to do it well.

Organize 365 introduces the Warrior Mama Binder, a workbook and documentation powerhouse designed for moms by moms of children with unique learning needs.

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The past year in the life of the Sunday Basket  has been a whirlwind!

I wanted to pause and clarify the differences between the Sunday Basket Workshops, the Sunday Basket Club and the Paper Organizing Retreats.

Why do we need a Sunday Basket anyway?!

What do you do with your mail when it comes in your door?
What about the ideas that flood your head while you’re driving your kids to school?

How about prescriptions, coupons, “to do lists”?

I promise you are spending more time managing these things than you think. The Sunday Basket System is the answer to eliminating that to do list and freeing your mind from constantly trying to keep up with the hamster wheel of ideas that flood it daily.

If you haven’t started your Sunday Basket yet, you can purchase the Complete Sunday Basket System here. The purchase of the Complete Sunday Basket comes with a virtual “on demand” training you can access on Organize 365 in your dashboard.

I just updated those training videos last week. Additionally you can listen to the Sunday Basket podcast here to learn more about the Sunday Basket and follow along as you set yours up.

Where did the IN PERSON workshops come from?

The Sunday Basket Workshop was designed after my passion for Creative Memories workshops, where women would come from all over Cincinnati (and in my backyard) to laugh, drink wine or lattes, listen to 80s music and put photos into albums on the last Friday of the month in my home. It is my vision that we will have Certified Sunday Basket Workshop Organizers in every major city in America teaching and helping women organize their paper and be freed from the guilt and burden that piles of unorganized paper brings.

If you are looking for a Sunday Basket Workshop Organizer in your city or town to help you get organized, please check out our Certified Organizer Directory!

How about the Sunday Basket Club?

Because the Sunday Basket became so popular, and because I love community so much, when the demand came to have a “Sunday Basket Club” on Sundays where I would go through your Sunday Basket with you, I wanted to say yes, but I was overwhelmed with the prospect of having to teach that EVERY SUNDAY. However, two of our all star Sunday Basket Workshop Organizers volunteered to run it … so I said yes!  

The Sunday Basket Club has a 90 minute Facebook Live time where you can go through your Sunday Basket with Monique Horb and Ryan Lanier EVERY SINGLE SUNDAY.

The Sunday Basket Club is a virtual weekly workshop kind of like “co working” as you go through your Sunday Basket. But it is more than just your Sunday Basket papers. Everyone in the Club also has the basic 4 binders I use to ditch their filing cabinet.

To gain access to the Sunday Basket Club, you can sign up for the Complete Paper Program or All Access. You can learn more about and/or purchase the Complete Paper Program here. You can learn more about and/or purchase All Access here.

Last but not least, Paper Organizing Retreats.

Lastly, let’s come full circle. The Sunday Basket Workshops started because of the good ol’ Creative Memories days. And even though you can learn about the Sunday Basket System and Workshops from our Certified Organizers, or participate virtually by buying it on demand from Organize 365, and you can go through your Sunday Basket weekly in the Sunday Basket Club; like I said, I like community. And I LOVED hosting Creative Memories workshops and my famous “Winter Wonderland Retreat”. So naturally, Paper Organizing Retreats were born and I am LOVING hosting them and so excited about all the progress I have seen women make in this weekend away to really focus on and tackle those paper organizing projects.

So join me, my team and our Certified Organizers at an upcoming Paper Organizing Retreat in April! You can learn more and/or register here! We would LOVE to help you get your paper organized and most importantly, give you a BIG HUG!

PS Have you thought about becoming a Sunday Basket Workshop Organizer? The program is OPEN! But only until February 10th! Hop on over to to learn more and/or sign up! We would love to have you on the team. :)

If you tried any of my suggestions, I’d love to see them! Follow me on Instagram and join the Facebook group for more great organizing tips, then share your photos with me by tagging me @organize365 or using #organize365!

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