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Happy New Year’s Eve!

It’s hard to believe, but ten years ago, I started along this journey to create and share Organize 365®. I share the details of this story in my memoir Organization is a Learnable Skill. I was in a place where my world was spinning out of control, I had quit my job.

I could never have in my wildest dreams imagined that so many good things would happen. A podcast, physical Sunday Basket® system, and published books were not even in the realm of possibility in my future. 

But, I had written down my biggest possible goal for Organize 365®. I have all of my dreams recorded in my special pink notebook. I went back and looked at it.

That year I took to focus on my home and family changed my life. I changed my mindset from overwhelmed and reactive, to productive and proactive. I knew that my zone of genius was organizing. I set some goals for growing my business, but I have pivoted and exceeded my wildest dreams!

Sometimes it’s hard to dream forward ten years. Instead, take a little bit of time and look backward ten years. 

  • What have you accomplished in the last decade? 
  • What life experiences have you added to your journey? 
  • Who are you today that you weren’t ten years ago?

Over the last few months, Organize 365® has been making a lot of changes. We are planning to be settled into our new normal by January 2022. We are working to make the transformational journey easier to start (and to finish) for everyone! We have been busy bees at the office getting everything decluttered and organized to better support your journey.

You can learn more about:

The Complete Sunday Basket® System

The Productive Home Solution™ (formerly known as All Access)

The Kids Program

The Friday Workbox™ 

Organization is an inside job. But, it is also a learnable skill. It’s not as simple as tying your shoes. It’s more like learning a foreign language. It typically takes about 365 days. You can start anytime you want. The sooner you start, the faster you will transform your life. Join us! I look forward to helping you get organized!

Thank you for being on this journey with me! Thank you for listening, downloading, sharing, and rating the podcast. We are going to celebrate ten years next week, and I cannot wait!

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