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In today’s podcast, I want to inspire you to take quick action to address the clutter hotspots in your home. A hotspot is anywhere that paper or physical stuff accumulates. As our lives change, we often use our homes in ways that are different from the organizational systems we have already set up. This leads to stuff sitting out and making hotspots. There are three major reasons a clutter hotspot develops:

  1. You have not made a decision about an item.
  2. You have a project you are deferring (not taking action on right now).
  3. You have brought new items into your living space that need to be given a home.

In the podcast, I will walk you through several different hotspots that have popped up in my own home during the COVID-19 pandemic, and how I was able to declutter them. I bought some food items but did not have a plan to actually prepare them for a specific meal, so they were left out. Some hotspots were from aspirational purchases where I purchased things I thought I wanted to do (breaking my own 24-hour rule), and left the items out in our living space. Another hotspot was from purchasing new kinds of supplies for the pandemic (gloves, masks, hand sanitizer) without a place to store them or a sense of how many we needed to store in our home.

I want you to take some time and look around your home for your hotspots. Which of the reasons above are these items sitting out randomly around the house? What can you do with your items? What can you donate? What can you work on right away? What can you finish up?

As you look for solutions, think about the Sunday Basket® has helped to eliminate your paper clutter hotspots from your kitchen counter. You know where to put items while you make a decision, you have a place to store your paper that is supporting deferred projects, and you have a home for every piece of paper that enters your home!

Make your home function for the way you use it every day, the way your family lives right now in the present moment. I want you to know that if you need it, you have #permissiongranted to choose functional organizing for your actual daily life.

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