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On the Wednesday podcast, I get to talk with members of the Organize 365­® community as they share the challenges, progress, missteps and triumphs along their organizing journey. You can see and hear transformation in action. I look forward to helping YOU learn the skill of organization, too!

This is a highly motivational podcast. I’m so excited to introduce you to Jack Brendamour, co-owner of Junk King Cincinnati. Listen in as Jack and I discuss:

  • Junk King Cincinnati’s success
  • Honoring the legacy of Pete McCreary, Junk King Cincinnati’s original founder
  • How to handle junk in your home
  • The benefits of using a green and ethical junk company like Junk King
  • What to do with styrofoam
  • The best ways to stay on top of junk piling up in your home
  • How Junk King has saved over 860,000 pounds from going to the landfill


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