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This week on the podcast, I'm talking to you about all the different kinds of bags you have in your house. From backpacks to purses, I'm going through the different kinds of bags and how many we should have of each.

And I am super excited about the next three podcasts. I'm creating a series of podcasts about what to do when the phases of life overlap.

Thank you so much for being part of the Organize 365 community. My hope each day is that I can provide you with one new nugget of information that will help you make your home organization easier.

Have a great week!

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The last two weeks, I talked about how I have used a mentor/coach and a business bestie to grow my mind and my business. This week, I am talking about YOU.

This Organize 365 community is a family... at least it feels like one to me.

This podcast is another rambling one where I share how I got here and where I think we are all going collectively.

There are a whole bunch of links I mention in the podcast and you can find those all here:

The 100 Day Home Organization Program registration ends Saturday at midnight EST. If you are still thinking about it, I’d love for you to join us!

There is a payment plan available.


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The book The Power of When will help you understand your body’s natural chronotype and how to use that information to achieve your personal goals in organizing your home and living a more productive life.

I used the information in this book to understand how and why the members of our family choose to do daily routine tasks at different times of day and how to best support my kids as they become adults.

The Power of When

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Natalie and I share how we met, how we have leveled up each other's businesses, and what Natalie did to finally get organized in this laid back conversation between friends. Come listen in.

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The Power of a Mentor to 10x Your Mindset  

Are you following me? 

Listen to my relationship story with my mentor Chris Ducker.  Where do you see yourself in this story with me?

Do I know your name?

Are you in the free Facebook group? Are you posting?

Have you joined the 100 Day Home Organization Program? Did you add on the Jumpstart Virtual Organizing? 

Here’s the best part –

Some of you are starting your own professional organization businesses.


From disorganized to helping others get organized!

That is why I have created the Professional Organization Mentoring Program

I am here for your WHOLE organization journey. Dive in as deep as you want! The water is fine. 


Mentioned in this podcast:

Youprenuer Interview How To Become A Ridiculously Organized Entrepreneur Ep 196

Natalie Eckdahl’s Podcast BizChix

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This episode is jam packed with information.

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For more information and to become a member of the 100 day home organization program go to  the fast acting bonus ends on April 3 at midnight. I can’t wait to work with you!

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Clean out and back up the cars - because we are going to FILL them!

Designate one car for donations and one for items that need to be delivered, returned or consigned.  

Next decide how long you have to work on this project at ONE time. 

If you have 2 hours or more - EMPTY the garage. You know it's true. Once the items are OUT of the garage it is as easy to donate them as it is to put them back in the garage. 

The garage houses all of the future projects we "think" we are going to do.

The biggest work you are going to do is DECIDE if you really are going to do those ideas and projects. 

In the podcast I talk about how I no longer have flower gardens, why I easily donate items we have purchased and never used and how we need better tools. 

It's a funny listen. And will keep you going while you declutter guilt and expectations in the form of flower pots and old sporting equipment.

Check your storage solutions.

Now is the time to invest in a few plastic shelving units to organize what you have left and buy organizers specific to what YOU have in your garage.

Keep going! You can do this!

Keep decluttering all the way until March 31!!

I want you to focus on decluttering and your Sunday Basket this month so…

The 100 Day Home Organization Challenge registration is closed. Join the wait list here and you will be the first to be notified when it reopens.

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No one wants to go down here. I know.

If you haven't listened to the "How to Sort a Box" podcast. It is podcast #150 and goes along with today’s podcast #159

Ok. The basement.

In this space you need a leader who will direct the family. - Usually mom.

The leader goes down and starts sorting boxes and items into family members' piles. And then each family member (one at a time) will come down, make decisions and carry the donations up.


Preparation is KEY here! The more the leader prepares, the quicker the decisions go and the more gets donated. 

There is no denying that basements, attics and storage rooms ZAP energy and are the HARDEST areas to organize!

Everything is down there because you don't know what to do with it. ;)

So pace yourself. Each bag and box donated is a HUGE win!

Keep going. You can do this!

Don't forget to download the family and individual brackets to play along. View the get started post for "rules". :)

This is the LAST day to register for the Sunday Basket workshops.

Start tackling that storage room… one box at a time.

For the full show notes go to
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