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Week 5: Laundry Room Organization


I LOVE my laundry room. And I do SO much in there: store light bulbs, batteries, cleaners, snacks, art supplies, electronics and donations, wrap gifts, house items to be fixed and, of course, do laundry.


The first thing I did in my laundry room was to add more cabinets and a counter top. Take a look at your laundry area and see what you can do to maximize that mighty space.


This week, your challenge is to deep clean and organize your laundry room.


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Before we start organizing the WHOLE house, we need to decide what you will do with the items you no longer want. Will you sell them, donate them or recycle them?


This podcast will give you reasons to do all three and solutions for where to hold your items while you are getting them to their new homes.


This week, your challenge is to create a donation station.


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Lisa shares how she came up with the idea for a new podcast series called Organizing Life's Stages and Unexpected Events.
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Once you know where your bills are and where you need to be and when, the last thing that will stop your organizing progress is hunger. If you are hungry or the kids want a snack, everything comes to a grinding halt.


In this podcast, you will learn how I pack lunches for both myself and my kids, how we organize those items and why I no longer give my daughter any choices at meal times.


This week, your challenge is to stock and pack your lunches.

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Using a calendar and planner effectively is a huge time saver! It took me 6 full months to make the transition to an online calendar from a paper planner.


In this podcast, I share how I made the transition and how I realized I had a part time job of just driving! Hear how I learned that my calendar is like a budget for my time.


This week, your challenge is to get all of the important dates in your pile of papers onto your calendar and start picking 3 tasks to do each day.


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No matter how quickly we shred or recycle papers, there are always more coming in. Step 1 in getting organized is taking charge of our papers and tell them where to go!


Bills, coupons, invitations, mail, receipts, recipes, kids’ school papers, projects and more are all papers I was dealing with when I invented the Sunday Basket. Listen to how I turned a chaotic situation into a weekly paper maintenance system. And you can, too!


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