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What do you think of when you think of productivity?

Remember last week when I said that when I am organized I feel like I can make forward progress on my goals and projects.

For me productivity means doing MORE usually in LESS time or with less resistance. 

If you break down the 3 steps to getting organized: 

  • Decluttering = Removing.
  • Organizing = Rearranging.
  • Increasing Productivity = Moving forward faster.

Let's look specifically at Increasing Productivity. Productivity comes from thinking and planning. Every minute you spend planning SAVES 4-5 minutes in executing your plan.

Planning = TIME SAVED.

While it may be hard to find time to plan your day, your meals or your vacation, you KNOW that when you do - everything goes easier and faster.

Once again I have one caution... to be most effective, you need to have decluttered and organized the area you want to increase productivity in. These steps do need to be done in order.

5 Steps to Increased Productivity.

  1. Use the organized system.
  2. Plan.
  3. Refine and reorder.
  4. Evaluate / maintain.
  5. Execute.

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The ONE Thing by Gary Keller and Jay Papasan is the book that has helped me the most in achieving increased productivity.

Using the focus question, “What is the ONE thing I can do, such that by doing it, everything else will become easier and unnecessary?” I prioritize my day on a continual basis.

In this podcast you will hear:

  • Why I prioritized a nay over recording this podcast.
  • How extraordinary success is sequential.
  • About the domino effect.
  • How to apply the ONE thing to organizing your home.

The audio book version of The Mindset of Organization is finally here!! I hope you enjoy the sample chapters in podcast 140. You can get a free audible copy of The Mindset of Organization and start a free 30 day trial of audible at

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Don't you just want to jump right to the step where you get to go buy cute matching containers when you are organizing a space? ME TOO!

BUT every time I do that... it influences what I keep and how I store things instead of my THINGS influencing those decisions. (In the podcast I share how I figured that out as a professional organizer.)

First let's talk about what being organized means. For me it means:

  • Everything has a place.
  • I know where to find things.
  • I do not spend time LOOKING for things. 
  • I FEEL organized and put together.
  • I can have friends over and feel great.
  • My house looks good - not perfect - but good.
  • I feel confident in my abilities.
  • I don't have too little or too much.
  • I have choices of how to spend my time.
  • I am able to make forward progress on my goals and projects.

Before I dive into the 5 steps to organizing I want to give you one caution...

You will not get it 100% right the first time. 

Yep, no matter what you are organizing, your goal is to get 80-90% better. The last 10% comes in step 3. Which I will cover next week.

Ok, so you know how you will feel and are not going for perfection, let's dive in!

5 Steps to Organizing

  1. Get a big picture plan for the space.
  2. Combine like items.
  3. Match your items to the space.
  4. Buy organizers.
  5. Clean and finish.

Organizing feels amazing! But after a while... you realize something is missing. The last 10% is Step 3 of organizing. Most people never get there and I just realized what it was last month... Step 3 Increased Productivity.

Listen to the podcast to hear about how I declutter the master closet, kitchen, schedules and daily actionable papers. And 2 times when I focus on decluttering the WHOLE house before I start any organizing.

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 5 Steps to Decluttering 
  1. Eliminate all trash, food and broken items.
  2. Sell or consign anything of value you want to sell. 
  3. Bag up any donatable items and deliver them to the donation center. (Including consignment items they wouldn't take)
  4. Collect everything that goes in another room and locate it in that room.
  5. Make a list of any spaces that need organizers, or items that need to be replaced. 

Decluttering feels good, but not finished. Step 2 of organizing needs to follow quickly to bring order into your newly emptied space. 

For the complete show notes go to

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Also listen to: 

Podcast 101 - The Sunday Basket

Podcast 134 - My 3 New Years


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I am excited to be offering Virtual Organization services in 2017.

I have been professionally organizing clients for over 5 years. In the podcast I really explain how the coaching/ strategy part of professional organizing can be done through phone calls.

Virtual Organization is perfect for you if:

You cannot find a professional organizer in your area.
Do not want someone else in your home.
Really want MY input on your situation.
Want to make quicker focused progress on your home.
Know you get stuck and would like someone to help you come up with ideas.
You have trouble following through on your goals.

How do you get started?

Go to
Submit your application/ survey
Within 2-3 days you will get a reply from me about your next steps.

I want to make sure I have the resources ready to help you with your goals.
I will link to any programs to buy. (Remember this is coaching not how to.)
I will send an invoice to pay $375 for 4 sessions.
And a link to online scheduler to pick your 4 phone call slots

Are you ready? I'd LOVE to work with you and help you get your home organized in 2017!

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Organizing Holiday Decorations

Why do we keep the decorations we keep, and what is the best way to store them? As we go through life stages and unexpected events, our holiday items take on new meaning and sometimes add to our guilt or depression. That was true in my case.

This week, your challenge is to organize your holiday decorations.

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You’ve had it. You are ready to once and for all GET organized.

  1. Set the intention to GET Organized.

Set aside time on your calendar – daily (15 minutes) and weekly 1-2 hours+ to reach your goals. 

  1. Is your disorganization chronic or situational?

Situational disorganization arises from times of uncertainty or change, usually last a few months to a few years until you get your wheels back under you and have reoriented your organizational systems

Chronic disorganization stems from never learning good organizational strategies to begin with.

  1. Which level of disorganization are you starting at?

Level 1 – Declutter - If every drawer is a junk drawer and you are drowning in stuff, your focus should be on donating, selling and discarding everything you don’t need. 

Level 2 – Organization - After you have cleared the clutter it is time to organize what you have left so that everything has a place to call home.

Level 3 – Increase Productivity - Getting organized does not end after your last item has a home, it is just the beginning. The longer you live in an organized house the more time you will have to move from organizing your home to organizing your time and life.

  1. Pick a program to keep you on track and accountable. 

The 100 Day Home Organization Challenge is the perfect match for your American home. 

  1. Increase the intensity

Hire a coach or get an accountability buddy. Listen to podcast #143 to see if Virtual Organizing Coaching calls would help you.

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Are you ready to get your home organized? The 100 Day Home Organization Challenge is the perfect match for your American home.

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The audio book version of The Mindset of Organization is finally here!! I hope you enjoy these sample chapters today. You can get a free audible copy of The Mindset of Organization and start a free 30 day trial at

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Listen to how being organized, and living an organized life allows you to be more productive, and be able to handle those unexpected emergencies and events that come into every person's life. Change is inevitable. Unexpected events are going to happen. They are a guaranteed but they're unexpected.

A few weeks ago, I had a series of events happen in a matter of just two to three days that cost me 80 hours out of the next two weeks of my life. Some of these were good changes. Some of these were bad changes. And all of them were unexpected.

I'm going to walk you through that 16 days, how these events unfolded over that time, what ended up getting sacrificed out of my schedule, and how I got back on track.

So what did I do?

#1 - I managed my expectations.

#2 – My systems are rock solid.

#3 - I used my phone for almost everything!

#4 - I remained calm so that the kids and Greg remained calm too.

So this getting organized thing, it's a big deal. It's a really big deal. It has a huge impact, not only on your space and how your space looks, but your ability to drop everything and take care of your kids or the people that you work with so that they can go and grieve or do what they need to do, and you can pick up the pieces and not be a hot mess or all stressed out about it. It's important for your marriage if you're married. The more organized you are, the more time you have for those people that you love and for yourself.

The quickest way to get to a productive life is to get your home organized. Join me in the 100 Day home organization challenge and let’s do this!


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