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The key to using a daily file system is to never exceed 10 files in your system.

I know I'm crazy strict about this but trust me this will make your system work for years and years and years. When you do not have a limit to the amount of files you can have in the daily system or in general, you will tend to over file and save things you do not need to save.

So first let's talk about over filing. Often with my clients I see that they have multiple files for something that could fit into one file. For example I have one file for my son and one file for my daughter.

I do not have separate files for lunch menus, football schedules, school handbooks, school rosters, and other information relevant for each of my children. All of that goes into one file for each child.

Then if I need to look up the phone number of a classmate I go to that child's folder and pull out the roster.

If your children are in the same school, mine are not, then you might also have a school file in addition to a file for each of your children.

Next I will often have a taxes file. This is where I will put anything that I will need at tax time for deductions on our personal taxes. Such as a property tax payment, charitable giving, and any other deductions that we can take on our taxes.

I do not keep my business files in our personal daily files tote. I have a separate tote for business just like I have a separate Sunday Basket for business.

Some other files that you might want to have in your daily system are:

  • The next holiday file A memorabilia and photos file
  • Coupons file
  • A master printable or frequently used forms file
  • A file for a current project
  • A monthly file to keep receipts until the end of the month.
  • A file for things that need to be filed in your filing cabinet
  • A file for things that you want to read Menu planning

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Do you have more to do than time to do it? Here are 10 ways to outsource your household tasks. I am a wife, mother, and business owner. Over the last 20 years I have juggled those three commitments in various ways. And what I've come to understand is that no one person can do everything. I have tried all of the ideas where you have your kids and your husband help you with the household tasks in order to free up some of your time. And I do many of those, but what do you do when there's not enough of you and your children and your husband to get everything done?

In order to grow my business over the last 20 years I have always hired help. Sometimes that is in the form of help to actually help my business as in a personal assistant, or an editor. But more and more I find it that the tasks I need to outsource are household related.

And really at the end of the day, the majority of the clients that the Organize 365 team organizes are really busy career oriented women who have let the household tasks go in order to focus on what is more important, their spouse, their children, in their career.

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This week I am answering Mary's question and sharing how we organize Hunter's: food, medicine, toys, snacks, leashes, and his puppy bag.

Check out all my CUTE pictures of Hunter and our organization solutions here.

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