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In making the 31 days of paper organization video series I noticed that there were a few products that did not exist that I needed. So I created them!
The first 2 products have been discontinued.
#3 to Shred or NOT to Shred FREE printable
One of the most commonly asked questions I get about paper organization is when can I shred an item? This new free printable answers that question.
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This holiday season for me is all about simplifying and strategically making memories with my tweens.

I have tried to do it all and it doesn’t work. I have given up on the idea that the whole family will decorate the house. They don’t. It’s only me, and I have lost too many decorating days to inward “poor me” thoughts.

This year, I am taking a “day off” from work, cranking the tunes and decorating by myself. If I can’t put it up in ONE day- I’m donating it.

  • I want to bake cookies with the kids.
  • I want to make a nice big turkey dinner once or twice.
  • I want to use our good Christmas dishes.
  • I AM going to send cards THIS year!! I want to buy meaningful gifts – if possible at a discount {I’m terrible at this!}.
  • I want to plan a “take down the tree day” so that it is on my calendar and not a feeling of guilt every time I walk by it.

I want to be PRESENT for the activities I plan instead of just checking another thing off my list.

Read all about my holiday preparations and links to all 10 posts here:

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1 in 10 Americans are on an antidepressant. Here is my story about my experience with depression and how I counsel clients to get organized when they are depressed.


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