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Having papers on your refrigerator is a time saver and can keep you organized. Here is how I collect, highlight and organize the papers I keep on the refrigerator for my kids.

The clips I created are no longer avaialble

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How do you organize ideas, projects and a bunch of to dos? I use color coding and lists. Listen to how I use lists for brain dumping and organizing projects.

These are now included in the Sunday Basket system

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This adorable bundle of fur is sending my organized schedule and systems right out the door! How do you get re-organized after a life changing event? I am sharing how I am regaining order after adding a puppy to our family.

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It’s time to trade back packs for flip flops. You made it! Organization is not a destination… it is a habit. Just like cleaning your house and taking care of your body, you need systems and routines to keep your home organized, too!

This week, your challenge is to put on your calendar the organization time you need to succeed in maintaining all the progress you’ve made in the past 40 podcasts


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