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Today’s podcast came from a reader's submission, “Now that I no longer have kids' schedules dictating my time, I have no clue how to start planning MY time.”

I find this is SO true. When I have very little time, I manage my time and tasks well. When I feel like I have “all the time in the world,” I waste almost all of it.

In this podcast, I am diving deep into how we look at the time we have and how to make our own goals and deadlines to live the life we want.

I’d love to walk you through how to set and start your home organization plan in motion. Please join me in an upcoming webinar.

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Basements and storage areas are the easiest places to hide treasures we aren’t sure if we still want and items we don’t know how to properly get rid of.

Today, I am revisiting this space with more ideas to help you tackle your storage monster.

And with the winter holidays just around the corner, I have a challenge for you and some tips on scaling back and organizing your holiday decorations.

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This productivity series has me searching in the far recesses of my mind to piece together how I have become so productive over the years.

If I had to boil it down to just two things, I would say productivity is the refinement of planning and habits.

What I mean is this… small incremental tweaks in my daily habits and continually looking ahead to what I need and want to accomplish in the next day, week, and month have made me a VERY productive person.

Today, I am sharing how I spend my days. Specifically, what I do in the morning, how I plan the work portion of my day, and what I do at night.

While it felt weird to talk all about MY day, I know I love reading and listening to how people I follow use their time to get so much done. So after many requests, here is what I do.

Remember as you listen, I have been focused on organizing my house for almost 5 years. And I am definitely in Stage 3 of organizing... maintenance and refinement.

You will get there, too... one day at a time.


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This summer, I took the 10 Weeks To An Organized Move blog series and organized it into a free eBook resource.

If you, or someone you know is moving, you can download the eBook here:
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