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 Can we try a FREE week of the 100 Day Challenge? - Yes.
Do you have any discounts or payment plans. Yes and No. :)
Will there be a Facebook Group? - Yes.
I work full-time with kids. Can I really do this in 15 minutes a day? - Maybe.
What about kids? Will there be a program for kids? Yes. 
Listen to hear more details about all these answers and sign up today to start the first 100 Day Home Organization Challenge Sprint that will have your home organized by Labor day!


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Where do I START organizing? That's the number one question I get asked as a professional organizer.

And while that is a loaded question with multiple "right" answers, I have decided to start all of my clients with a simple system I call The Sunday Basket.

It's not magic, and you don't have to use a basket... any bag or box will do.

You see, organization is a way of living and "being organized" is a way of thinking.

The Sunday Basket is a system for processing mail, kitchen counter "to do" papers, and ongoing household projects.

The weekly routine of collecting, processing and maintaining household to dos and papers is the perfect training ground for all your future home organization skills.

And, like it or not, the mail just keeps on coming... giving us plenty of practice to hone and refine our organizing skills.

I have complied all the best videos, podcasts, and posts from all over my website into one organized page to help you get your Sunday Basket started in 4 easy steps.

Sign up for the FREE 4 step Organization 101: The Sunday Basket here.

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Organize 365 100 Bonus - The 100 Day Challenge: Behind the Scenes
Come hear the behind the scenes story of how I decided what would and wouldn't be in the 100 day challenge.
Read more and register at
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If you woke up tomorrow and your WHOLE HOUSE was ORGANIZED, what would that look like?

Close your eyes and imagine. 

  • How would you spend your time if you were no longer spending the 55 minutes day the average person spends LOOKING for things?
  • How much LESS STRESS would you have if everything had a place – and things were put away?
  • What passions would you have time to pursue if you were “organized?”
Join me for the next 100 days and I will guide you through getting your WHOLE house organized. 
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How can you enjoy all those cute drawings and handmade cards from your kids? Make a MOM Binder!

To see the whole posts click here:
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