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This week, we are back to our traditional transformational podcast. On Wednesdays, I get to talk with members of the Organize 365 community as they share the challenges, progress, missteps, and triumphs along their organizing journey. You can see and hear transformation in action. I look forward to helping YOU get Organized!

Today, I am sharing my conversation with Audrey N. She just started her 2nd round of the 100 Day Program. She is married, works part time outside the home, and is a parent. I hope you enjoy her story and find her as inspiring as I do!

Audrey recommends the meal planning app Plan to Eat (no affiliate). 

I am grateful that you are reaching out to share your stories and progress with me and with the Organize 365 community. If you are ready to share your story with us, please apply at

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I look forward to helping YOU get Organized!

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