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We hope you can join us for this non-traditional book launch!!!

The Paper Solution book is launching August 4, 2020 and I want to share some details with you! While it is disappointing that I cannot safely travel and hug each and every one of you in person, I still want to share the celebration as The Paper Solution launches. Today, I am sharing my plan with you!

I want you to have The Paper Solution - I don't want to just sell you a book, I want you to have a paper reference guide in your hands - so you can finally get your household papers under control. We all know that we are still having supply chain issues, and books are no exception. Please consider preordering so you can be sure you get a copy! You can order your copy at

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This week, my Wednesday conversation is with Lorie G. She was on a previous Transformational Podcast and she is back with an update and some super helpful information this week. Lorie started the 100 Day Program after some damage to her house and after losing nearly 100 pounds.

In our conversation, she shares how she adapted to schooling from home in the spring, and how is doing her best to make ideas and plans for the uncertain fall school year. She is honest about how she has been challenged to be consistent with her Sunday Basket®. At the same time, she customized her Friday Teacher Workbox to help her adapt to teaching during the pandemic. She is frank about how she has make important choices and rearranged priorities. Listen in to hear grace in action, and to be inspired to face whatever comes next year.

Lorie has been super generous, so we are sharing two bonus items. Her sign in document is available here, and you can watch a special video here

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As we enter July 2020, I want to talk with you about time. I want to talk about how time is passing during this global pandemic. You either have so much time you do not know what to do with it, or so little time you do not know how you will get it all done. In my life, I have vacillated between those two thoughts, but it is different now. 

We will probably be living with the virus for a while yet to come. It is going to take time to sort out all things that have been disrupted or changed by the pandemic. During our Ready For the School Year Blitz, I kept reminding you to focus on what you can control. What are you in control of? How can you take control of your time (knowing "pandemic time" is different)? No matter how productively we had been living prior to the pandemic, now most of us are living reactively. To move towards proactive living and productivity once again, we need systems, routines, and habits. But, July is not the time to do any of those things. I am working on how I can best support you in September when your productive energy and focus will increase. 

As you enjoy the rest of summer, I want you to let your brain noodle on a few ideas before we head into the fall. I answer two reader questions and share my own mindset about some concepts around time. Listen in as I talk about these questions: 

How do you know when you have done enough? How do you balance the concepts of planned neglect and Laura Vanderkam's idea of 168 Hours - You Have More Time Than You Think

Do you have to be doing everything that you are doing related to the care and maintenance of the house and the people that live inside of it? With everyone living inside of your house 24/7, the workload related to caring for your home and people needs to be divided more fairly among the people who share your home. For this, I recommend going back to the podcast or book review of Eve Rodsky's Fair Play.

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Listen here:
“You will be the same person in five years as you are today except for the people you meet and the books you read.” - Charlie "Tremendous" Jones
This week, my Wednesday Podcast is a conversation with children's author and my virtual friend Maria Dismondy. We pack so much into this quick interview. Listen in to hear how we talk about living a life with healthy balance and discuss virtual book tours.
We also talk about how to change the conversations we are having inside of our homes. We talk about how to build a library of books that represent all of the children and how our books should reflect the world around us. Maria has written books with the goal of making sure there are children's books that celebrate our differences so that any kid can open a book and see themselves in the pages.
You can find her books or learn more about Maria Dismondy at
You can still preorder your copy of The Paper Solution - launching August 4, 2020.
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Brace yourself - I want you to think about your house in way unlike you have ever thought about your house before. I want to challenge all of us to change from how we think we should live in our homes, and embrace how we are actually living in our homes. I am hoping we will not be forced to stay safe at home again, but I want us to be prepared.

As women, we often feel like when people come into our homes that we are being judged and graded. Most women I have spoken with have felt this way at some point in their lives. We take pride in having a clean and hospitable home, but we are often short in time and money to make that a reality. I want to help you make some mindset shifts for living in this pandemic.

Walk through your house with index cards or a note pad. Stop in each zone and make notes about what worked and what did not. I share with you some of the thinking I did about my own house and family. 

Walk through your house with index cards or a note pad. Stop in each zone and make notes about what worked and what did not. I share with you some of the thinking I did about my own house and family. For example, everyone in the home needs a place to work, alone space, passion projects, and adequate technology. I also share some changes you can consider making to the spaces in your home. You can make new rules. You can change how you are using your spaces. I'd love to hear from you in our Facebook community if you are using spaces in new or unusual ways. 

Mentioned in the podcast:

Kids Program & Planner

Getting Ready for the New School Year Blitz

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Listen here:
This week for our Wednesday podcast, Monique Horb and I deep dive into the Professional Organizer's Think Tank (POTT). We have both worked as in home professional organizers, and I share some of the history of how Organize 365 has transitioned along the way.
The POTT is the largest FREE Facebook group for professional organizers. It is a blend of seasoned professional organizers and people just exploring professional organizing as a career path. We share how the group is a great place to learn about this as a potential job.
We also share about the POTT podcasts (Lisa shares details about setting prices and policies in that podcast) and we share about the Sunday Basket® Certification Program that you can add on to your professional organization business. The conversation also shares some information about the SALES part of running your own professional organization business.
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As we try to plan for the fall, I want you to be more thoughtful about your home. We are processing a massive amount of change every single day. It is also impossible to make an effective plan for even the near future in our current world. It is very hard to live with the constant unknown we are facing right now.

I am recommending that you spend some time this summer focusing on ruthless decluttering. I want you to embrace your current phase of life, and get rid of anything you no longer want or need. Ruthless decluttering is a physical activity that makes you feel great. You will create physical, energetic, and emotional space in your home. Get the stuff out! Focus on the life you are actually living right now. If you haven't used something you had been saving "just in case" during the pandemic and all the supply chain shortages - let them go!

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Welcome to week two of our updates with Monique Horb. This week we talk all about the Paper Organizing Retreats. We talk about where they come from and why people find them so helpful in finally getting their paper organized and ditching their filing cabinets. One of the real gifts of a Paper Organizing Retreat is a chance to focus on your papers without interruption in a dedicated space - it allows you to really make progress! They are also way more affordable than hiring an in home professional organizer. We also talk about how we converted these in person Paper Organizing Retreats to virtual in the COVID pandemic hosted by our All Paper Certified Organizers. Some are even offering deep dives into specific binders.

Remember, if you preorder 5 copies of The Paper Solution and submit your receipts by July 17th, you can join our virtual POR as a preorder bonus. You can place your preorder at We also share how the Sunday Basket® Certified Workshop Organizer program can add to your business. Monique also shares some of her paper organizing packages and workshops.

If you are looking for a local or virtual Paper Organizing Retreat, please check our directory.

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Blog post:

This year has been challenging, unpredictable, unplannable, unusual, and unprecedented. We have had to pivot and adjust more than ever before in our lives (at least for many of us). Our brains are processing so much change all the time. Everything needs to be thought about all the time. Our habits and routines have been completely disrupted. We are using our decision making power so much more often and are getting exhausted so much more easily than before.

I want to help you create a massive possibilities list, and not using a to do list. I want to help you to change how you think to focus on chunking and orienting your thinking to bigger priorities. All month, we will be talking about how to adjust our thinking, homes, and lives to take more control of our homes as we continue to move forward during the pandemic. Listen in and hear how I have transitioned from a to do list to a possibilities list.

Learn more about The Sunday Basket®.

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