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My fellow Americans…I bring you this state of the family economy due to what my household is experiencing and the relief I want to offer you! Have you also noticed the increased prices of the following? I asked the Organize 365® community and this is what you all said:

•Groceries •Home Owners (especially in southern and coastal towns)

•Electricity •Property Taxes

•Rent •Healthcare

•Tipping •Streaming Services/Entertainment

•Service Providers

Wait, I’ve been here before…

In December I realized the hustle was back and I started to feel like something else was “brewing” but hadn’t quite put my finger on it. Towards the end of January when I didn’t see financial relief at the end of the tunnel, I knew what it was. We are all feeling inflation, and quite honestly, “shrinkflation.” I have experienced this 4 times in the past.

•2004-2005 - I remember those 110 doctor appointments, which I have approximated at 3 hours each. The bills that were racked up due to those doctor visits. And all of the invisible work I put into my family as a result of those doctor appointments, from caring for my children to science experiments called dinner. 

•2008-2009 - My father was in poor health, and when he passed away, it was my sister and I who were left to take care of his affairs since my parents had divorced a few years prior. I was the executor and on top of kids medical needs, the direct sales company I worked under filing bankruptcy, a recession, and just life! There was a lot of invisible work being accomplished by me of which no one else was aware. 

• 2011-2012 - The year I decided that if it was to be, it was up to me! I started Organize 365® in an effort to get my life under control and help others to do the same. I just love the American spirit, immigrant risk takers with passion, and how we can all pursue what we want in the way we want to because you all know traditional is not what you would call my business sense. 

• 2020…Need I say more? This was a time of immense fear and uncertainty. We were home so we organized. Now that we are not home as much, it’s even more important that we stop, plan, implement. Stop doing 800 thousand million trillion things. Get off the treadmill to nowhere. 

Your home is THE business that powers the American economy! 

The pandemic pointed out how important small businesses are and today the American home as a business is flexing its muscle. We power America from 123 Main St. And we are really feeling it in the grocery stores. I noticed the ways I have solved this issue in the past are not effective this time around due to my family needs. I stopped (how did I solve this in the past?), planned (took a look at my family and our needs), and now I want to implement it with the Organize 365® community. 

Kitchen Productivity & Profitability Blitz - March 4-8th

-Family surveys (the all skate)

-Get clear on breakfast preferences, snacks, and the restaurants you operate daily

-Stop wasting money at the grocery store - make your business (your home) profitable and productive

Bonus: Great conversations, including how to get 5 “wins,” sparked from the comments after this Instagram Live.


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