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Today starts another three part series, and in this series we’re going to be talking about time, tasks, task stacking, and how to really think about our time at home differently. Today’s episode is about the difference between Saturday time and Sunday time. I’m going to take us all back to our childhood, because I think in childhood we understood the difference between Saturday and Sunday time. So on Saturdays, you cleaned your room (even if that meant just being able to see the floor and the laundry was put away) and then you went out to play. On Sundays, you cleaned out your backpack and got ready for the next school week - check all your folders, finish your homework, give all papers to your parents that they need to see, and so on. 

As adults, your bedroom turns into the entire house. Saturday becomes your housework day. Saturday work is very visible. Vacuum, clean the house, do the laundry and dishes, grocery shop, clean out the refrigerator…the list never ends. Sunday is for household management. Sunday work is invisible. This is where you go through your Sunday Basket® - open your mail, pay your bills, plan your schedule for the week, decide when you’ll run errands…you get the idea.

Both days are important, but both days are different in the amount of visibility other people have about whether or not you have done your work. They have completely different energies to them. My goal is to always make visible the invisible work you’re doing so that we can do LESS OF IT. I want you to stop always working. There’s always, always going to be more to do. When are you able to say it’s done? 

When you become disciplined at having bigger time blocks for even your housework, you will find those little pockets of time where you could go for a walk, take a longer shower, find a way to start using those for yourself and your wellness - not to get one more thing checked off a list. Challenge yourself to do a time study and try to see if you can get your housework and your household management done in less time next weekend and instead give yourself some free time. Start to prioritize when your free time is going to be and what it will be used for. Start looking at your time like little buckets or Lego bricks, how can you manipulate them based on your energy? 


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