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The Barbie Movie 

Have I mentioned I like to plan? It’s like a never ending mental puzzle. I’ve become really skilled at manipulating my time like Lego bricks; I move it around, expand it, replan it in my brain before taking action. This got me thinking: “How can I explain Planning Day to someone who’s never heard of Organize 365®?” It made me think of a few silly examples, like the Barbie movie. Did you see it? OR did you see a lot of other people talk about seeing it and start thinking maybe I should go see it too?!  This is what happens - the more we hear about something, the more we think there must be value in what everyone else is doing. Just like my Culver’s onion rings I talk about all the time, or Madam Secretary being my role model. You see others in the community finding such value in it and I want you to experience the same results with Planning Day. 

So much of this is mindset. I talked about this in my last podcast series, the difference between being organized and productive is your mindset. Planning Day is a day to think about the next 4 months, and planning your household 3 times a year is very purposeful. 

The Flow - Positive, Productive, Proactive

I’ve coined the products and services that Organize 365® offers the flow. Greg says to me quite often, “Lisa, can you please just go with the flow?” The podcasts, blitzes, The Productive Home Solution™, clubs, Instagram - it’s all curated as a positive, productive, proactive flow! When you are in the flow - you will become very productive due to the cadence and “stair step” process of the Organize 365® products. Whether you have kids or not, it’s a flow we have all become conditioned by due to the American education schedule. We all know that we get rejuvenated in summer, then we buckle down from after Labor Day until mid November. We then get organized in January, and ride the wave through spring break until summer arrives again. Organize 365® recognizes this cyclical pattern and has created a flow that compliments it! Our homes are a business - and we need the Organize 365® products and programs to run that business! 

What Planning Day Does:

  • Gives you the big picture of where you are going
    • Plan the next 4 months and learn how to “purposefully procrastinate” 
    • You will have bigger time horizons. Look at this 4 month chunk and then you don’t have to spend anymore time planning or reacting. The idea is to have thought of most things and then have more time to address something unexpected or overlooked.
  • Helps you to make better decisions
    • Spend your money, time, and energy better.
    • Establish new habits to the point where they are no longer reactionary. You just know the next step or how to approach the situation.
    • After 4-6 weeks you will have more mental capacity. All those other goals and dreams you have? Plan them accordingly and you’ll know exactly when you’ll meet or complete each one! 

What’s Included in Planning Day (first one is included when you purchase of The Productive Home Solution™):

  • 4 hour Zoom Webinar
      • Brain Dump - personal, financial, household, family
      • Where you are right now - Golden Windows, top 3 priorities, etc. 
      • Timed breaks 3-10 min (wherever they fit in) 
      • Year at a glance
      • 168 hour time circles - see where your time goes and plan where you want to spend it going forward.
      • Establish routines for morning, afternoon, and evening
      • Analyze how you spend your time on weekdays vs. weekends
      • Plan ideal weeks going forward
      • Set goals for the next 120 days, and break down those goals into each month
  • Replay for 25 Days; to ensure you get started
    • If it was available forever you would not have any urgency to get started
    • You can watch or listen multiple times. If you feel yourself getting overwhelmed, take a break, sleep on it, and come back to it the next day (or later). The workbook won’t be fully complete or perfect. Remember the only wrong way to do this is to not start.  
  • Workbook (with extra pages so you actually use it! You’ll know why I say this once you listen)
  • Community
    • While there is no live chat (which is nice because then you don’t miss out on anything in replay mode), there is always the community. Many conversations take place during the breaks and after, of course, as everyone continues to take steps towards organization and productivity.  

I’d love to have you join me in the classroom and get functionally organized so you can do what you are uniquely created to do!


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