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Productive people are weird. We just are. We are not going with the flow. We are where the flow comes from.

First, I suggest listening to part 1, part 2 and part 3 of this series before doing anything else.

In today’s episode we are bringing the entire process of expanding your capacity and productivity together. There’s a process to this and it all comes together today!

I have received many requests to record podcasts on how I get so much done. Where do I get the capacity? The energy? How am I so productive?

I’m obsessive about being productive and proactive because my sense of significance and purpose is burning so deep in me. I don’t want to waste my time. I am all in on having the most impact I can have on my family, my friends, the Organize 365® community, my team and the community as a whole!

But here’s the thing - this was an evolution for me. It didn’t happen overnight or in a weekend. It was a long process. I've been thinking about this series for years, but have never been able to articulate it. I had to dig deep to really pinpoint the things I was doing to get it all done. It was hard for me to remember why or how I got to this skill level.

Productivity has everything to do with how you think about your time, energy, capacity and your sense of purpose. It has nothing to do with containers, planners, or checklists.

It is your mindset that makes the biggest difference in your own productivity. You can learn how to manipulate your own energy and expand your capacity just by focusing on your personal and professional development. If you also give yourself permission to do things you don’t see other people doing - you will be well on your way. What’s the thing you want to do or learn that will help you take the next step? What’s something you want to do but haven’t for #allthereasons?

Today’s podcast is going to have you asking yourself some deep questions:

  • What’s something you can learn to keep growing or developing in order to expand your capacity?
  • What’s something you want to do that's out of your comfort zone?
  • How do you keep maximizing your capacity, then using it with purpose?
  • Are you deriving the energy from your physical space at the most optimal level?
  • Do you truly know how to plan and are you planning enough?

A productive person surrounds themselves with physical, mental and emotional space that supports their productivity and growth. Last week, I talked about juggling. I don't feel like I'm juggling, or that my life is imbalanced. This feels more like bouncing balloons up into the air and constantly keeping them from hitting the ground. Productive people have the capacity not only to keep all these balloons in the air, but to have more balloons than they would be physically able to hold all at once. What does it take to do this? Obsessive and relentless planning!

I hope you join me and get functionally organized so you can do what you are uniquely created to do!


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