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Let’s unpack the next step in my productivity journey - PLANNING! 

First, if you haven’t listened to part 1 and part 2, I highly recommend doing so before delving into planning! Planning is the fun part, but you really need the foundational productivity mindsets discussed in the first two parts of this series.

The planning we are going to discuss in this podcast is a completely different kind of planning. This is planning from the ground up! A productive person teaches themselves how to get all the way done. 

For me, I really learned how to do this kind of planning in March 2020. This is when reality set in for me and failure was not an option. Planning became my number one priority.

The type of planning I’ve learned to do and the type of planning I teach in Planning Days for both Home and Work allows you to look at the big picture as well as what is actually possible in the season you’re in. It’s an awesome way to continue taking next steps without feeling overwhelmed or like you’re drowning!

I don’t plan for an entire year at a time. That wouldn’t work for me or my business. I break planning up for Home by my three new years - listen to this podcast to learn more about those. For work, I plan by quarter which allows me to be agile and create efficiencies for my teams and meetings throughout the year.

It doesn’t end there - setting up this system for planning and essentially planning out my planning time allows me to have multiple times throughout the year to freshen up my home and work. You know that amazing burst of energy you get at the start of the new year? The whole “new year, new me” energy? Imagine having that multiple times per year? What could that do for your productivity? That’s exactly what these planning days do for me and the Organize 365® community!

Ultimately, this podcast series on productivity is going to teach you how to juggle really well. It’s true that life is a juggling act and you need to know how to keep all the balls in the air. Listen in to hear what balls I’m juggling and how I’ve used my productivity skills to juggle better!


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