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Are we really talking about clothing again? What does this really have to do with getting a PhD anyway?!

Organization unlocks our time and productivity unlocks our capacity.

I’m using my PhD as the example for these stories, but everything I’m sharing with you is how I am taking past organizational strengths, learning, or habits that I have had or am developing now and how I’m refining those in order to get more time and have more capacity.

The way in which we free up our time in order to be able to do the next thing, that’s organization. As we organize, we create a habit. A habit is just doing the thing you’ve already organized without consciously thinking about it. In order to really get more time, you have to over analyze some basic habits to figure out if there is a more efficient way to do these things and somehow create this new habit and put it on autopilot so we don’t have to even think about it.

This brings us back to clothing!

Listen in as we talk about how creating a uniform for the different hats you wear will help you to transition into the role that you're playing and mentally enter into that space. 


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Pursuing a PhD: Creating Multiple Uniforms For The Hats I Wear - Week 8

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