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Have you wondered why you don’t seem to have enough time in your day? 

I use my Google calendar to organize my time, everything that would naturally occur in my life gets a time block on my calendar, including commute time. Then when I look at my week, I can play with those time blocks. Am I spending enough time in certain areas or too much time? 

I’ve been able to see all this time in my calendar and I’ve gotten better at estimating my time for my classes and assignments. This allows me to figure out where I have extra time and where I don’t have enough time.

Have you asked yourself, why don’t I get everything done?

Or do I have the capacity to take on something new?

Start looking at the pockets of time on your calendar that do not have anything associated with. Document how you use that time for a week or two and then you know if you have time you can actually give to something new and maximize your productivity.


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