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Let’s break down one of the fastest spreading organizational news stories I’ve ever seen - Marie Kondo is admitting that her home is no longer tidy and she’s embracing it!

The news of Marie Kondo’s house being no longer organized spread like wildfire. This was not an accident. Marie Kondo is a worldwide sensation. She did an amazing job marketing her book and herself. She’s a renowned organizer and businesswoman.

Here are some past episodes I’ve done on Marie Kondo:

We all can feel better knowing that Marie Kondo is saying perfection does not exist. Although, if you have been following my podcast all this time, you know that I have always valued progress over perfection.

In this episode, I take the conversation in the media about organization a step further.

  • What does it mean to feel organized?

  • Can you recognize and observe organization or is it a feeling? Is organization the ability to quickly take action?

  • How do we know when we are organized or when we are no longer organized?

Your home and your organizational systems should be a representation of YOU. What’s important to you? What works for you? What doesn’t work for you? 

I LOVE my home. I love how I decorated it. I love how I organized it. I love what I’ve saved over the years. And I want you to love your home also. I want you to love the stuff you are maintaining, dusting and living with. I want you to look forward to being at home, walking around your own home and loving the things you see on the walls, shelves, even inside your storage room.

Organization and being organized is SO much more than minimalism. 


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