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This week I am talking about how I organize my assignments. Some of the things I use are Organize 365® Slash Pockets that are colored red, orange, yellow, green, and blue. These slash pockets help you organize the basic tasks you do at home and at work inside of a Sunday Basket® or a Friday Workbox®. These organize the everyday events, not the projects.

I am using colored slash pockets, productivity tabs, and highlighted documents to keep track of everything within my courses.

Red: Research Lab

Orange: Wednesday Class - Psych 501

Yellow: Thursday Class - Psych 502

The game changer for me was creating the excel spreadsheet with all assignments and reading ordered by due date and color coded. I cannot explain how much more grounded I felt when I could see in totality everything I needed to do inside of a 2-page spread. This gives me the extra buffer I need by allowing me to stay ahead.

If you have different moving deadlines, moving pieces, or moving parts that need to be done over a period of time, it may be helpful to put all of those into one big document in order of when things need to happen, versus keeping things separate in separate categories of your life.

What would happen if in very busy seasons of your life you would use this one big document to go by what is due next versus what role you are playing in your life?


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