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Last week, I reviewed my 2021 first quarter pink slash pocket projects with you. I shared what has been going well, and what projects I have deferred (or even abandoned without guilt!). The one project I did not deep dive into with you yet is my health slash pocket.

In 2021, I am focusing on my health. I started out by using my 100 Day Home Organization Program planner to track habits and metrics. Knowing where I start means I can see how I am changing inside of my life. 

Transformational Freedom: As you let go of one thing, you are open to receiving the next. We strive to unlock your life’s purpose through the process of decluttering, organizing, and increasing productivity. 

I am tracking and analyzing multiple aspects of my health including sleep, food, steps, and supplements. For 2021, my word of the year is health. I am focusing on my physical, emotional, spiritual, relationship health, and the health of Organize 365. 

In the podcast, I also talk about the Organize 365 focus word for 2021: impact. We are working to make our mission, vision, and values come to life for the growing team

If you don’t already have a word for 2021, take some time and reflect on what your word might be. You are not bound to your choice - but let it serve as a reminder of the goals we have for ourselves and our intentions for who we want to become. 

I hope you choose a word you can grow into and want to be reminded of this year. I hope to see you progress on your transformational journey and unlock the potential you have inside of yourself. 

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