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Welcome to week two of our updates with Monique Horb. This week we talk all about the Paper Organizing Retreats. We talk about where they come from and why people find them so helpful in finally getting their paper organized and ditching their filing cabinets. One of the real gifts of a Paper Organizing Retreat is a chance to focus on your papers without interruption in a dedicated space - it allows you to really make progress! They are also way more affordable than hiring an in home professional organizer. We also talk about how we converted these in person Paper Organizing Retreats to virtual in the COVID pandemic hosted by our All Paper Certified Organizers. Some are even offering deep dives into specific binders.

Remember, if you preorder 5 copies of The Paper Solution and submit your receipts by July 17th, you can join our virtual POR as a preorder bonus. You can place your preorder at We also share how the Sunday Basket® Certified Workshop Organizer program can add to your business. Monique also shares some of her paper organizing packages and workshops.

If you are looking for a local or virtual Paper Organizing Retreat, please check our directory.

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