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We have a big announcement for you! We wanted our amazing community to be the first to know. We are leaving Facebook!

I have wanted to leave Facebook for three years. The Organize 365® mission, vision, and values includes building life in community. In the past, some people who purchased a Sunday Basket®, the 100 Day Program, or All Access were unable to participate in the community aspect of our programs. Some did not have an account, and others chose not to have one. That limitation has always bothered me. The community that goes along with the Organize 365® transformation should be available to everyone who wants to participate.

We have been upgrading our technology and support for your transformation for several years already. The online community was especially difficult because it took us a long time to find the right way to create it. I wanted an app for our community that was truly independent of any other platform or company. 

We finally found our solution. We are creating our own custom Organize 365® community app. Now, everyone can be in community on this app specifically with other people who have invested in their transformational journey with Organize 365®. I wanted a way to host a community that was positive, productive, and purposeful. Everything in the new community app will help grow your mindset, increase your positivity, and help you organize your home to live a positive, proactive, purposeful life. 

Here’s what it will look like:

  • Organize 365® app for people who have purchased Organize 365® products
  • The app is free to download, but participation is limited to those who have purchased specified products
  • It will provide the same community groups we currently have on Facebook
  • The Dream Team and Certified Organizers will be there to help you along your journey
  • All Access members will have a curated, private podcast starting December 5th, available only in the app
  • The current Organize 365® app is going away once the new app is ready
  • The website is optimized for mobile and you have access to your dashboard directly on your smartphone
  • Near the end of 2021, we will archive all of the Facebook groups associated with our purchased products
  • The free Facebook groups will continue including my lives and the Blitzes

We are giving you information to help you be proactive about this transition. The app is not launching today. We’re hoping to have it live in the next 2-6 weeks - ideally sometime in November 2021. You will get an email inviting you to join once the app is ready.

We have been working on this transition for three years already. It’s the right time for us to make this happen. We are looking forward to seeing you in our new community as soon as everything is in place.

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