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I’m so excited to introduce you to The Paper Solution® Binder & Course Bundle.

When I wrote the The Paper Solution® book, I knew I wanted to provide this offering. And we have finally been able to do it.

The Paper Solution® provides a complete solution to the unseen but impactful organization that allows you to have confidence and peace of mind during life's unexpected events.

Learning to become an organized person is both an outer and inner game.

It doesn't always look perfect but it provides calm in the storm, order in the midst of chaos, breathing room and clarity for you to think and make a plan as life continually pivots.

Life is a dance. A dance between the known and unknown. The necessary and unnecessary. How you want to spend your time and how you need to spend your time.

Along the way we have different levels of organization. Often when we talk about getting organized, we talk about our storage room, closet, kitchen or car. Places we can see with our eyes.

Mental organization and unexpected life event organization is often invisible. But oh so impactful when done properly.

If you have experienced one of these events:

  • Moved houses/apartments
  • Gotten married
  • Had a baby
  • Experienced a medical event for yourself or loved one
  • Lost a loved one

The invisible work that goes into navigating these life events is very stressful, and organization is your life raft.

The Organize 365® Binders were created out of all the unexpected events that I have lived through. I was looking for a solution. A solution to organize the invisible work I was doing and provide a playbook for what needed to be done.

The Paper Solution® provides you with everything you need:

  • The Medical Binder
  • The Financial Binder
  • The Household Operations Binder
  • The Household Reference Binder
  • Lifetime Access to The Paper Solution® Course Dashboard
    • Which includes: Editable downloads, lessons for each binder, tips from Certified Organizers
  • Organize 365® Virtual Paper Organizing Retreat on Demand
  • Access to the Organize 365® Community App and The Paper Solution® Community Group


Ready to learn more? Visit The Paper Solution® Course page.

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