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This week I want to talk about lists. Why I don’t have to do lists, cleaning lists, work lists, etc. I just all the sudden realized I didn’t have them and had to figure out, where did they go? When did I get rid of them? How long have I been living without lists? Where was my security blanket? It just seems like the more productive you are, don’t you need more lists? Shouldn’t your lists have lists? 

So my new to-do list is my Sunday Basket®. Many of the things that our brain reminds us to do or that end up in our Sunday Basket® don't need to be done now, or in the near future, or in some cases, ever. But our brain wants to let us know about it as a possibility… of a potential way of spending our time if we'd like to sometime in the future, maybe.

What I’ve moved into after so many years of checklists is establishing better routines, better cadences of natural structures inside my house, inside my day, inside my work. Looking at my morning, afternoon and evening routines. There are six routines that I have Monday through Friday, and then my household management and household cleaning day. There are no organizing emergencies. 

Having good, strong routines for the essentials and then wide open spaces for whatever you WANT to do. Let’s play more! Are your lists really serving you anymore? Are they helping you? Are they reducing your stress and anxiety or making it worse? For me, the answer has been the Sunday Basket® at home, the Friday Workbox® at work, planning days every 3 or 4 months for home and work, and the Organize 365® Blitzes. 


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