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Are you ready for the positive, productive and proactive Lisa to make her debut? Welcome to 2017!

In this podcast, we explore the paradigm of personal and professional growth.

By 2017, I was running my in-home professional organizing business. It was BOOMING. But I had this gut feeling that it wasn’t what I was supposed to be doing.

I was noticing that a lot of the women I was organizing were diagnosed or self-diagnosed with ADHD. I enjoyed what I was doing so much that I wanted to reach more people. I wanted to make a strategic pivot in my business so I could have a larger impact.

During this period of my life, my Friday Workbox® took center stage. I went to an office supply store to get more slash pockets and found that they were no longer offering packs of solid colors - only the multi-colored packs. That’s when I realized that I needed to manufacture these slash pockets and bring this all together so people could master these systems and save time.

Talking through my ideas with my mom helped me think even beyond just manufacturing the slash pockets. She had me walk her through exactly how I would create a Sunday Basket® or Friday Workbox® if I were to create my own. And then she got to work with her sewing machine and the first Sunday Basket® prototype was born. Looking back, it was such an exciting time of growth for me - both personally and professionally.

I knew I needed to become a different kind of company (beyond in-home professional organizing). I needed a team. For the first time ever I was starting to trust my own intuition as a business owner. This is when I started to make the leap into the business owner and CEO you see today.

I hired my first coach. I needed to invest in myself to grow as a business owner. I knew that the cap to my business growth was me. I had to (and still do) grow for my business to grow.

All those things that I did gave me the investment in myself that I needed to understand my worth and grow into the role I wanted for myself. It’s okay for not every single thing I do in my business to be direct income generating.

I wanted to create systems and processes that anyone in the world could get a Sunday Basket® to save 5 hours per week to use for The Productive Home Solution™ to unlock their time for what they were uniquely created to do. And that’s what I’ve done. All of these organizing solutions and courses are available to you today because 2017 Lisa had a bigger vision for herself and for YOU!

How do you want to change your future? Learning to be organized can get you there. The time I spent as a professional organizer was what helped me create the courses we now offer at Organize 365®. I saw how much organization had a larger impact on people’s ability to achieve results. I share stories of this in this episode.

What impact could living an organized life have on you?


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