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Are you READY to think differently? Are you READY to evaluate your past new years goals and productivity? Are you READY to put in the work and reap the rewards of your focus & labor? Are you physically READY? Mentally READY? Emotionally READY?


Today’s episode is about readiness. And I’m so excited to share my ideas for what it means to be READY.


My favorite activity is to think about my thinking. It is a habit that I have cultivated into an art form and can no longer do without. It’s my habit.


And that is the thing about habits. Bad ones are easy to fall into and hard to break. Good ones take thought, planning, discipline and determination to establish.


Yet, habits are the ONE thing that separates the life you have today and the future you envision for yourself.


  • You cannot fall into productivity (it doesn't just happen)
  • Your house will not magically clean and organize itself


As I get ready for the new year, I want to share with you how I think about this coming season. As the December days quickly pass by, I look forward to the new year. This is the official day I start running my race for a productive 2023 - when new opportunities like starting college for my Ph.D program begin.


I am getting ahead of myself. Today. Today is about being READY.


Readiness is a state of being.


You will never be 100% ready. And that's 100% okay! You don't have to be 100% ready in order to start!


Readiness is an understanding of the strengths and limitations you are experiencing in THIS phase of your life.


What unique seasons are you experiencing right now that you can leverage to move forward in your home organization goals?


  • Are you in a season where you are home more?
  • Do you have more energy at a certain time of day, or day of the week?
  • Is there a big event coming up that will motivate you to work faster?
  • Do you have a companion who is motivated to pace with you?
  • Is this a season where you have money in the budget to add to your efforts?
  • Would selling unused past purchases help you fund your new years goals? 


You may not be in a season where you are READY to devote more time and energy to your personal home. And that is OK.


However, what I have found to be true more often is that there is always a seed of readiness in each season, but we miss it.


I mentioned that I think about my thinking - constantly. I love sharing my unique thinking with you - to motivate you to do the same! Think about where you are right now and what you are ready for!


Change is normal. Most people spend their whole life trying to avoid change.


But change is where transformation comes from. Change unlocks the future. And it starts with READINESS.

  • READINESS is fragile
  • READINESS is fleeting
  • READINESS holds all the potential for the future


Next week I will share with you my thoughts on SET, but this week focus on your READINESS. READINESS is the first step in your new year. Don't miss it!




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