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Today, I am excited to announce our very special guest, Sarah Dyson, PhD. I want to introduce you to Sarah who is our new lead researcher here at Organize 365. She is the reason we have been able to launch our research efforts. Sarah has been a listener since 2014 and she has done the 100 Day Program and uses several Friday Workboxes

Sarah is passionate about research because, as she explains, it can be used to find evidence and data to solve almost any problem. After Episode 365, she reached out to Lisa to offer her services and experience to assist Organize 365 to conduct empirical research to prove that the Organize 365 systems work. She has helped us pivot from business research to real, rigorous, significant, academic research.

As Lisa explains, Organize 365 has a great foundation and is building the systems to support what is coming, but we definitely need the help of our audience and supporters to bring our mission and vision to life. Sarah is one of many people who have stepped up to join us - and there’s always room for more!

Sarah and Lisa share about the IRB, literature review, survey construction, and some specific definitions we used in the research. One of the most mind blowing things is that there are no standard definitions of “housework” in the US. Sarah and I talk about four major kinds of housework that we focused on in this first research study - cleaning, maintenance, tasks of daily living, and organization were all defined and studied separately. We also talk quite a bit about how gender roles, depression, and anxiety all play into how we deal with housework.

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