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I am excited to have Milana back on the podcast today as our guest. She was our summer intern in 2020, and she’s back to talk with me today about #adulting. She was able to go through our Launch Program (a part of the Organize 365 Kids’ Program) to give us feedback.

Today, we are talking about the Launching Life Skills Bundle - now available in the Organize 365 Shop! Launch is aimed at helping older kids and young adults from 16-25 transition from living at home with parents to launching into independence. The Launching Life Skills Bundle includes

  • The Videos from the Launch portion of the Kids’ Program 
  • A starter Sunday Basket® - just the 1.0 weekly folders
  • The Launch Binder - a simplified personal reference binder with slash pockets and printables covering green (money), red (medical), and blue (housing, cleaning, and wardrobe)

Lisa and Milana share how this course gives you everything you need to be an adult and teaches life skills for independent living. These are resources and references for 16-25 year olds to learn the skills of adult living including meal planning, cleaning, basic budgeting, paper management and reference information, and more!


If you have a young adult in your life you’d like to gift lessons in the skills of organization and empowerment towards becoming an adult, consider this complete system!

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