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Today, I want to process through some observations for you about what I am expecting for the Summer of 2021. The pandemic continues to change, and we are starting to have updated recommendations and increasing freedom to do more once again. Almost all of us have something that the pandemic took from us, but getting back to our old “normal” brings up feelings of both stress and chaos. I actually expect that we will have at least two more years of life disruptions as a result of the pandemic. 

Stress is a constraint, but is also a force that causes change. Stress makes coal into diamonds. In our lives, stress can be what helps us prioritize the most important thing and eliminate everything else. 

Chaos, on the other hand, is a threat to our survival or resources. Chaos affects our needs, not our wants. It is panic inducing and fear provoking. Think back to the toilet paper shortages of the early lockdowns - that was chaos. 

I want to talk with you about how to apply these definitions to your upcoming summer so that you can use stress to maximize the good, and avoid chaos.

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