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I have always wanted to record a podcast about what I am saying “Yes!” to and what I am saying “No!” to. Today, I am sharing my YES! list. 

What I realized people are doing when they share these kinds of lists are actually different ways of thinking about how you are using your time. For me, the “no list” is about decluttering my decision making stress and setting boundaries. On the other hand, my “yes” list is about supporting my priorities.

This week, I will be sharing my “yes” list for the next of my New Year’s - the Summer (May to August). The things on my “yes” list will not get my complete focus, but I will be finding extra pockets of time to use for these things.

This Summer, I am saying YES! to:

  1. Traveling safely in the US! I have been home for the entire pandemic, and I am ready to travel. I’m fully vaccinated. I will be following the most current CDC recommendations during my travel. But, my big news is that I am preparing for a book tour! I’ll be touring my newest book Organization is a Learnable Skill from July 8 to August 10th.
  2. My kids’ requests for my time! As I said last week, I will be focusing on getting my kids to do more of their own #adulting responsibilities. However, any requests to just spend time together will be met with a YES! from me. 
  3. Makeup, fun hair, beauty routines, and enjoying a corporate casual look! I have been having a lot of fun trying out new makeup, a new curling iron, playing with my hair and makeup, and working on my wardrobe. I don’t own yoga pants or sweatpants. We have the freedom to choose what looks good on our bodies and works best for our current life stage. 
  4. Making our home a place we love to be! Greg and I are doubling down on optimizing our home. We want it to be a place we love to be, function well for us, upgrade anything we can, and to make it work for everyone who lives there. I encourage you to do the same for your home - no matter what budget you are working with.

I hope that my “yes” and “no” lists help you to figure out if there are any things for your Summer that you want to firmly establish as a yes or a no for you right now.

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