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I have always wanted to record a podcast about what I am saying “Yes!” to and what I am saying “No!” to. Today, I am sharing my no list. 

What I realized people are doing when they share these kinds of lists are actually different ways of thinking about how you are using your time. It’s not necessarily calling different things good and bad. It’s about prioritizing (what things get your yes) and decluttering and setting better boundaries (what things get your no).

Over the next 100 Day cycle, I will be saying no to four main things. Different times of year call for attention to different kinds of tasks and areas of focus. When you make a yes or no list, you are creating a rule that helps you spend less energy making decisions. These rules can be for your next of the Lisa’s New Years, or it can be permanent. You get to choose. 

Listen in and I’ll explain why I am saying no to these things. This list helps me declutter activities that are taking time on my mind and in my schedule. These are either things on my calendar or a mindset I am letting go. I am decluttering these things - at least for now. 

  1. Perfectionism
  2. Diet ideas
  3. Working in the evening
  4. Doing things for my kids
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