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In this week’s episode, I share with you the next step in the evolution of The Sunday Basket™!

It’s what I like to call The Sunday Basket™ 2.0 and I discuss having more than one Sunday Basket™!

Most of you probably already know I’m COMPLETELY obsessed with The Sunday Basket™ and you’ve likely heard me talk about how it works.

For those of you who haven’t heard about the Sunday Basket™, you can refer back to my podcast episodes #101 - The Sunday Basket and more recently #173 – Everything You Want To Know About The Sunday Basket. Both episodes are great resources for starting your own basket and taking the first step to getting organized!

Once you have mastered using a single Sunday Basket™, it’s time to consider creating MORE THAN ONE BASKET!

Having multiple baskets helps to reduce your mind clutter. It prevents a lot of task switching because you are focusing on related tasks within each basket. This will allow you to get through each basket faster.

Going through multiple baskets is still going to take more time than going through just one, though. Remember, it is SUPER important that you are still going through ALL of your baskets every week. It remains a weekly task not to be forgotten.

Here are some of the types of baskets that I discuss in this week’s podcast.

  • The work basket for work-related items. This may not necessarily be paid work. It can include whatever you spend the majority of your time on when you aren’t taking care of your family or home (e.g. PTA, volunteering). This will help you to select the work-related tasks that you want to focus on during the week.
  • The project basket should just be for projects that get TOO BIG for the Sunday Basket™. You still go through the basket every week, but the project will probably be completed in about 2-4 weeks.
  • The caregiver/estate basket is a great place for any mail, bills, or other notices related to the person or estate that you are handling. It’s a simple way to keep the information organized and separate from your own.
  • The spouse basket is for your spouse to manage. It’s somewhere to place any items that belong to or may be of interest to your spouse. These MUST BE items that no longer require your attention, but may require theirs.
  • The kid basket can start as just a slash pocket within your own Sunday Basket™ and can develop with the needs and responsibilities of your kids. When you think they are ready and responsible enough for their own basket, help them get started!

As always, the number one rule for the Sunday Basket™ is that you have to go through it EVERY SUNDAY. So don’t create more baskets than you can handle!

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